Below is a guide to what costs are involved in training. There are no hidden “extras”, contracts, direct debits or standing orders.

Training fees

Training fees are paid every four weeks in advance (price per person)…

~ Train once a week for four weeks: £27
~ Train twice a week for four weeks: £44

We believe you should enjoy your Tae Kwon-Do training and therefore only ask for a four week commitment upfront for training fees.  If after four weeks training you enjoyed yourself, then you pay for another four weeks. If you don’t enjoy your first four weeks then you have no further fees to pay.

Licence (insurance) fee

~ Paid annually: £38

Dobok (uniform)

~ Junior: £38
~ Adult:  £40

Grading fee

~ Per colour belt grading: £29


~ Sparring equiment: £130

You do not need sparring equipment until you are a blue stripe.